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Corporate Profile

We are an internet technology company that focuses on providing technology services to financing and consumption industries in China and overseas, including fintech technology services to financial institution partners, online wealth management technology services, e-commerce services as well as overseas expansion of our consumer financing technology services in Southeast Asian countries.

Currently, we provide in mainland China financial technology services, such as credit assessment and consultation services, to financial institution partners, online wealth management services serving mid- and high-net-worth clients. We also provide online stock investment services and insurance brokerage services in Hong Kong and consumer financing technology services in Southeast Asia.

Since our inception, we have accumulated a large user base and built a wide network of strategic partners. We are selective in working with partners who are additive to our ecosystem and will continue to seek to develop relationships that will enhance the experience of our users, institutional funding partners and merchant partners. Our platform is powered by a robust technology infrastructure which we can efficiently manage and grow through an open architecture. Starting from the second half of 2018, we are strengthening our efforts in technology enablement by providing our advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence to empower our customers including financial institutions and companies of other various.

Benefiting from our large user base, massive data sets and wide network of partners, and by deploying our well-developed technologies, we envision to provide our institutional partners with technology empowerment related services to help improve their operation efficiency and profitability, offer our mid- and high-net-worth clients a more diversified investment portfolio, roll out more technology services surrounding multiple consumption scenarios, and steadily execute our development plan of international financial services