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We are a leading digital financial account platform integrating and personalizing financial services in China with our footprint expanding overseas. We provide a comprehensive range of financial products and services across loan products, online wealth management products, and payment facilitation, all integrated under a single digital financial account. According to Oliver Wyman, among the independent marketplace lending platforms in China, we are the largest online consumer finance platform in terms of outstanding loan balance as of December 31, 2018. We leverage technology, a deep understanding of our large user base and strategic partner relationships to create a one-stop experience bringing together borrowers, investors, financial institution partners and merchant partners.

We deliver our products and services through an open ecosystem bringing together borrowers (consumers), investors, financial institution partners and merchant.

We benefit from collaboration with a broad network of strategic partners such as China UnionPay and to expand our borrower and investor base. We partner with financial institutions such as China Taiping and PICC to provide third-party insurance protection to investors that invest in loans we facilitate, which strengthens the credibility of our platform and further enlarges our investor base. PICC, when it is engaged under our direct lending program, also provides credit insurance to institutional funding partners, helping us to expand our institutional funding partner base and promote the rapid development of our direct lending program, which may ease the pressure brought about by the continuing challenging regulatory environment that negatively affect the growth of our business. We plan to work with data modeling service partners such as Talking Data and Alibaba Cloud to jointly build credit risk management models. We are selective in working with partners who are additive to our ecosystem and will continue to seek to develop relationships that will enhance the experience of our borrowers, investors, institutional funding partners and merchant partners.

Our platform is powered by a robust technology infrastructure which we can efficiently manage and grow through an open architecture. Based on the credit data collected from our own account platform as well as from external sources, we are able to apply a series of analytical methods, including artificial intelligence, to target marketing, automated credit decisioning, tiered pricing, anti-fraud modeling and loan collection. While much of our technology infrastructure is proprietary, we also collaborate with a reputable think tank, the China Academy of Sciences, with which we establish a joint laboratory to strengthen and broaden our application of artificial intelligence technology in areas such as voice quality inspection and customer service. Starting from the second half of 2018, we are strengthening our efforts in technology enablement by providing our advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence to empower our customers including financial institutions and companies of other various sectors in target marketing, automated credit decisioning, tiered pricing, anti-fraud modeling and loan collection.

We are a founding member and a standing council member of the National Internet Finance Association of China, and a representative on the Online Lending Committee, a special committee under the National Internet Finance Association of China responsible for formulating industry policies, which allows us to provide support in shaping industry developments.

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